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Billing Information

Membership fee
Federal law and the cooperative’s bylaws require all consumers be members of the cooperative. The membership fee is $50 and must be paid prior to receiving electrical service.


Deposit fee (Residential)
A security deposit may be required for service at each location.  The deposit amount is based on two times the monthly average history, provided that 12 months valid history exists.  If valid history does not exist, the deposit amount shall be $225.  Existing deposit amounts may be modified based on 12 month usage history if service is disconnected for non-payment. 

The cooperative will assess a credit risk by using a credit evaluation service.  If the credit evaluation identifies a member as low risk, the security deposit may be waived.  A member with a medium risk profile may enroll in the Auto Pay program for a minimum of 12 months, which allows for a waived security deposit. (If the Auto Pay stops for any reason, during the initial 12 months, the Cooperative will assess a deposit at that time.) A member identified as a high credit risk will be required to make a deposit.

A credit evaluation will be completed for both names of a joint membership.  If the credit evaluation identifies either name as a high risk—a deposit will be required.


Deposit (Commercial/Business)
Commercial/Business accounts will require a security deposit of two times the monthly, average history, provided that 12 months valid history exists. If 12 months history is not available, the deposit amount will be determined on an individual basis by Beltrami Electric management based on an assessment of credit risk involved and the size of the service.


Deposit refunds
Interest on the amount of a held deposit is paid each year and applied to your electric bill as a credit.  If you keep your bill current for one full year, the deposit will be refunded and the credit will be applied to your electric bill.  If you discontinue service, the deposit (and the $50 membership fee) will be applied to your final bill.  Any credit balance remaining will be refunded to you in the form of a check.


Responsibility of Electric Charges
When moving to a location, please contact the cooperative to confirm the date the transfer took place, to update your contact information and to provide the meter readings. This creates an effective date from which you will be responsible to pay for the electric usage until the cooperative is notified of an effective date to take the service out of your name.


Monthly Billing Statements
The amount of a monthly billing statement is determined by a meter that measures the electric usage. The readings from the meter are recorded at the office through an automated reading device inside the meter. The monthly bill is due each month by its due date as indicated on the statement. If the bill is not paid by the due date, a late charge will be added to the amount owed. This also includes budget-billed amounts due that aren’t paid by the due date—regardless if there is a credit on the members account. Members with an account more than 30 days past due will receive a late notice and may be subject to disconnection.  


All payments are due by the due date or penalty will be applied. Not postmarked!  If you choose to pay by traditional mail, the payment MUST be received in our office by the due date.  Please allow additional mail time to avoid a late fee.


Paperless Billing - BEC members have the option of receiving bill notifications electronically.  Electronic notifications make a positive impact on the environment by minimizing the use of paper, printing and postage.  Log in to your account to sign up.

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Budget Billing Program  

Avoid fluctuating electric bills with even monthly payments! 

Beltrami Electric offers a budget billing program that bills a consistent amount each month throughout the year.  Members still receive a monthly statement showing their current usage and charges as well as their monthly budget amount due. (Budget bill amounts will vary slightly each month.)

Requirements to Participate in Budget Billing
Budget Billing is available to all residential consumers that have 12 consecutive months of their own billing history for the location they live in and they also must have a good credit rating with the cooperative.  The budget billing program is not intended for past due accounts requesting a payment arrangement.

For more information, contact our office or click on the following link to enroll. Budget Billing


Disconnection Due to Nonpayment
The member is required to contact the cooperative prior to the due date if they are unable to pay their bill so they may schedule how they plan to pay the balance in full as soon as possible. The cooperative will work with the member to develop an acceptable payment plan.

Should an account become disconnected for nonpayment, the account will be charged a $50 collection fee.  There is also a $150 fee to have the location reconnected. The fees are added to the balance that is presently owed. An additional security deposit may also be required. This additional deposit, together with any existing deposit, will be no higher than two months’ average bill. A delinquently disconnected account wanting reconnection after normal business hours will also pay an additional fee of $100.  (Normal business hours are from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.)

During the cold weather months, October 15 through April 15, the cooperative will follow the Cold Weather Rule guidelines. Cold Weather Rule Brochure

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