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Right-of-Way Clearing

What is the Right-of-Way Corridor for an Electric Line?

A right-of-way (ROW) corridor for an electric line is a strip of land that an electric utility uses to construct, maintain, repair or replace an overhead or underground power line. The corridor allows the utility to provide clearance from trees, buildings and other structures that could interfere with the line installation, maintenance and operation. Beltrami Electric Cooperative requires a 30 foot clearance on each side of the poles, and a 15 foot minimum on each side of the poles, when approaching a residence.

Right-of-Way Corridor image

Beltrami Electric’s 3-Step Right-Of-Way Corridor Maintenance Cycle

Beltrami Electric Cooperative has adopted a three-step maintenance cycle in an effort to ensure safer, more reliable electric service.

  • Step 1: Trees and brush removed from the corridor.

  • Step 2: Application of an EPA approved herbicide to control re-sprouting of trees and brush during the upcoming mid to late Summer season.

  • Step 3: A review of any areas that may have been missed in prior herbicide treatments will follow 1-2 years after step two. Subsequent maintenance cycles follow in 8-10 year increments, which will be less intensive due to the decreased amount of trees and brush.

This aggressive plan has greatly improved system reliability for our members and public safety for all.

After Trees and Brush Have Been Removed

Please understand that you own the byproducts. Upon your request, the cooperative is willing to assist in clean-up and wood chipping but cannot cost-effectively haul away the remains. All byproducts will be left on your property unless you contact Beltrami Electric Cooperative to make clean-up arrangements.

Will My Trees and Brush Need to be Cut?

I most cases, yes.

To ensure safe and reliable power...


SAFETY is the number one reason for cutting down trees around power lines. Electricity always seeks a path to the ground. Conductors of electricity include water, your body, tree branches, metal poles and ladders. When you become part of this path, you may be injured or killed.

SERVICE RELIABILITY, after safety, is a key responsibility of your electric cooperative; providing members with the best possible power quality. One tree on your property coming into direct contact with power lines not only affects your home, but it affects the power quality for hundreds of your neighbors. Proper clearance today prevents inconvenience tomorrow. Clearing lines reduces blinking lights, power surges and enhances power quality, which protects your electronics and appliances that could cost you thousands of dollars to repair or replace.


  • Please identify and notify Beltrami Electric Cooperative of possible hazards and/or sensitive items within the overhead corridor. Following are a few common examples:

    • Septic systems should be identified (fenced, signed, etc.) to avoid damage when crews are on-site
      to clear trees or maintain overhead lines.

    • Survey markers that are above-ground, need to be identified to ensure they are not destroyed.

    • Wells and water lines

  • Personal property, such as vehicles and trailers, need to be moved from the corridor during the tree clearing process.

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