Electric plenum heaters turn your existing fossil fuel furnace into a dual-fuel heating system. You are able to use the most efficient heating source - fossil fuel or electricity - at any time.


An electric plenum is one of the most common off-peak electric heating systems available today.

Easily convert your existing natural gas, LP or oil furnace into a "Dual-fuel" (electric/gas-oil) system.  Having this ability to use lower cost electric rates when connected to Beltrami Electric's load management program allows you to use the most cost effective heating source available and can save you hundreds of dollars off your heating bills each year. 

A plenum heater uses your existing furnace fan to move air across the plenum heater elements to heat your home. Both your fossil fuel furnace and the electric plenum heater utilize the same thermostat and duct work. 

  • Save Money by adding electric heat to your existing gas or oil furnace

  • Increase the efficiency and comfort of your heat pump system

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