Teaching the community and our youth about the importance of safety around power lines is the purpose of Beltrami Electric Cooperatives safety demonstrations. Beltrami Electric conducts a number of school learning programs throughout the service area. From career fairs to electric safety programs, Beltrami Electric believes a strong presence in our local schools will strengthen our communities and bring leadership to future generations.

Beltrami Electric Cooperative is happy to visit local schools, community and civic organizations throughout our service territory to share information and connect with our members.  Safety around electricity is a top priority for the Cooperative.  All of our presentations are free and can be customized to include a variety of topics for different age groups.

Electrical Safety Demonstrations walk through electric safety in real-life scenarios.

If you are interested in bringing one of our presentations to your school or community group, please contact the Cooperative at (800) 955-6083.  Presentations will be granted based on employee availability. Requesting organizations must be located within Beltrami Electric Cooperative's service territory.  All requests are booked based on availability.

Other opportunities:

  • Facility Tours

  • School Career Days

  • Student job shadowing

Commitment to Zero


There is a disturbing trend nationwide of serious injuries and fatalities due to electrical contact. Many of these are public contacts – meaning outside the scope of electrical work being performed by qualified personnel. While injuries within our industry are declining, serious injuries and fatalities have not declined. This trend of public electrical contacts is gravely concerning.

Beltrami Electric Cooperative is committed to actions that support zero electrical contacts. We our dedicated to continually improving our safety culture. A culture committed to each of our employees going home safely every night. A culture committed to keeping our membership and the general public safety.  Safety must be on our minds 24/7 and our behaviors must reflect that. We make that commitment to our members and the general public to work safely and to promote safety through education.