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Looking for ways to increase the value of your home and make it stand out in a competitive market? Consider installing air-source heat pumps for efficient heating and cooling. One study of air-source heat pump installations across 23 states found that heat pumps increased home values by 4% to 7%, or about $10,000 to $17,000. The study also found that more environmentally conscious buyers are more likely to pay a premium for an energy-efficient home.

How air-source heat pumps work

Air-source heat pumps have indoor and outdoor units. In winter, the outdoor unit draws heat from the outside air and moves the heat over coils that transfer it to a refrigerant. The heated refrigerant circulates to the indoor unit, where another coil transfers the heat to air that provides heating through ductwork. To provide cooling, the system simply works in reverse.

Because they move heat rather than create it, air-source heat pumps operate at efficiencies of up to 200% or higher. Heat pump performance tends to decrease at lower temperatures. However, with technological advances, many of today's air-source heat pump models can provide highly efficient heating at very cold temperatures.

Heat pumps benefit homebuyers

Why are many buyers willing to pay a premium for homes with air-source heat pumps? Because they provide a variety of value-added benefits:

  • Lower energy bills. Air-source heat pumps provide highly efficient heating and cooling. That efficiency translates into less energy use and lower energy costs.
  • Smaller environmental footprint. Air-source heat pumps run on electricity. That means they produce no onsite emissions, unlike conventional fuel-fired furnaces.
  • Increased safety. Electric air-source heat pumps also eliminate the risks associated with carbon monoxide, a dangerous gas emitted by fuel-fired equipment.
  • Less maintenance. Unlike traditional systems, air-source heat pumps provide heating and cooling in one unit. That means potentially fewer onsite maintenance visits and fewer maintenance hassles.

Heat pumps may cost more to install than conventional heating and cooling systems, but the increased home values can more than make up for any extra costs.

Make sure the heat pumps installed in your homes are ENERGY STAR®-certified. This will help assure potential homebuyers that the system has been independently tested to provide energy-efficient performance.

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