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Your high-efficiency heat pump is in place. Now you're ready to cash in on all the benefits they can bring — such as quiet, low-maintenance operation and lower energy bills. However, there are a few things you need to do to keep your system running at peak performance, so you can fully realize those benefits.

Get regular service

Heat pumps generally require less maintenance than conventional HVAC systems, but they still need maintenance. Make sure your heat pump is inspected at least once per year by a qualified HVAC professional. Your heat pump system installer may be a good resource for regular maintenance. Whatever contractor you select, make sure they are qualified and experienced in installing and maintaining heat pump systems.

Keep it clean

Dirty filters reduce heat pump performance. For a ducted system, change filters regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions. For a ductless mini-split system, clean the filter every 1 to 3 months or according to the manufacturer's guidelines. Also, keep your outdoor unit clear of dirt and debris. A clean heat pump will run more efficiently and use less energy.

Adjust your thermostat for savings

Many older thermostats are not designed to work with heat pumps. Make sure you upgrade to a newer thermostat that is heat pump compatible. Today's smart thermostat models are your best bet. You can set them to automatically adjust temperatures based on your schedule for convenient savings and comfort. You'll also have access to advanced features, such as geofencing and remote control.

Weatherize your home

Like any HVAC system, heat pumps perform more efficiently if your home is properly sealed and insulated. Check for gaps around windows and exterior doors and seal any you find with caulk or weatherstripping. Also, check for and seal air leaks in your attic around ceiling light fixtures, ductwork or plumbing and wiring access. Finally, consult with a qualified insulation contractor to ensure that your home is properly insulated for your climate zone.

Proper sizing and installation are critical to ensuring efficient performance. Work with your installer to make sure your system is sized correctly for your home. Also, make sure your heat pump is ENERGY STAR®-certified. ENERGY STAR heat pumps are independently tested to ensure that they use less energy than standard models.

Lastly, if you installed a new heat pump this year, contact Beltrami Electric to inquire about our great rebates! Call us at 218-444-2540 or 1-800-955-6083.